Meet Dr. John Badger, DMD in Houston TX

I'm Dr. John Badger, DMD. I graduated in 2015 from Tufts Dental in Boston and moved to Houston with my wife. We chose Houston in order to be close to my parents. I've worked at a few corporate offices, each with a different corporate culture and business model, trying to find a good fit and improve my skills. A friend dentist put me in contact with a private office in Kingwood in 2019.

I began working alongside Dr. Oppermann in Kingwood, providing bread and butter dentistry to an older population. I learned a great deal and even had the challenge of working without an assistant per Oppermann's business model. Dr. Oppermann speaks well of my patient and clinical skills. Unfortunately, the combination of COVID-19 and a majority older pt demographic, he could not justify keeping me on due to a significant drop in patient traffic. We came to an amicable separation.

I am looking for a down-to-earth office with a great team. My wife is two years into a career local to the spring branch area of Houston, so ideally I can find a good fit in the area and we can settle down with confidence.

Patients always come first, and their confidence in their dentist and the team is paramount. An excellent team demands excellence. Great patient communication and great patient experiences have been the foundation to my career.

My strengths are patient experience, extractions, non-surgical RCTs, composite restorations, crown and bridge, partials, and dentures. I've noticed a trend in my referral pattern with my current skill-set. Of course there are exceptions and every case is case by case, but here are the trends.

I refer frequently 2nd molar endo depending on access and pt temperament.

I refer all impacted 3rds and most cases requiring all four 3rds to be removed at one time. I refer uncooperative children or children with generalized gross rampant decay to pediatric dentists.

I do not have experience placing implants. However, I am experienced with restoring implants.

Work Experience:

Kingwoood Smiles, Dr. Oppermann - Kingwood

Associate Dentist - FT
Jul, 2019 - May, 2020

Private practice, out of network provider.

Westwood Dental - Hollister Rd Location

Associate Dentist - FT
Dec, 2018 - Jul, 2019

HMO, DMO, various insurances. Practicing mostly solo.

Rayford Modern Dentistry (PDS) - Spring, TX

Associate Dentist - FT
Jun, 2017 - Aug, 2018

Worked with PPO and HMO insurances performing majority crown and bridge, operative, and cleanings alongside the owner doctor.

Jefferson Dental - Multiple Houston locations

Associate Dentist - FT
Feb, 2016 - Apr, 2017

Worked with Medicaid and other insurances performing extractions, RCTs, crown and bridge, operative, pulpSSCs, and cleanings.