Dental Crown & Bridges Sugar Land and Copperfield TX

If we are face with tooth loss, crown and bridge treatment is one option for us. When teeth are seriously decayed, they may be too pathetic to live with just a filling. By adding a crown, a tooth may be given a new lease on life. Even when a particular tooth is lost, a partial denture may not be necessary as a bridge may be an option.

What is Dental Crown?

A crown (or cap) is a tooth-like covering placed over an existing tooth that has been specially prepared by your dentist. One of the most common uses of a crown is to support the tooth when there is not enough sufficient tooth structure left to place a filling. Temporary crowns are prepared while the laboratory prepares the final crown. They can be used on a short time basis until the permanent crown is made. Crowns are made to order by a laboratory. The Dentist will decide which crown material is best for your particular dental needs. Crowns can also be used to improve the look of a tooth as well. They may be placed to cover misshapen or badly tarnished teeth.

What is Dental Bridges?

A bridge is made to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges can be supported by natural teeth, by a combination of teeth and implants or just by dental implants. A traditional bridge is made by creating a crown for each tooth on both sides of the space and placing a false tooth between the crowns. Established bridges are made either of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics by the laboratory. Bridges can last at least ten to fifteen years, often longer.

The benefits of Crown and Bridge Treatment

  • Renovate lost teeth and supports remaining teeth
  • Renovate and sustain your natural bite
  • Maintain chewing ability
  • Prevent drifting and changing of neighboring teeth
  • Prevents excessive stress on remaining natural teeth
  • Prevent additional dental decay and gum infection

Advantages of Crown and Bridges

  • Permanent fixed prosthesis
  • Better than removable prosthesis both in function and aesthetic

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