Dental Space Maintainers Copperfield & Sugar Land TX

If the baby primary tooth is extracted or lost before the new permanent tooth are erupting in that place, a space maintainer is used to hold the space for a permanent tooth to erupt in that place. A space maintainer is an appliance that is custom made by a dentist in acrylic material. Space maintainer is removable or fixed (cemented to the teeth)., and are not used for long lasting life. Its purpose is to keep space for permanent teeth to erupt smoothly in that place. If the space is not saved, the teeth that surround the open space can shift or drift into an incorrect position may result in orthodontic problems.

Space maintainer is commonly used after the baby tooth extraction, to maintain space for permanent teeth to erupt properly and to avoid future orthodontic issues.

Types Of Space Maintainers

Removable Space Maintainers has looked same as a retainer with plastic blocks, an artificial tooth or plastic shaped block. It is recommended for visible area and not for high pressure back molars. It is commonly used for older or more responsible kids, who reliably follow directions

Fixed Space Maintainers are fixed in place and cemented to the teeth. Following are four different types of fixed space maintainer:

  • Unilateral
  • Crown And Loop
  • Distal Shoe
  • Lingual

Your dentist will help you to find the best match for your baby needs. Proper care should taken, after the space maintainer is placed in the mouth. Don’t give your child a sticky foods, like candy and chewing gum. Encourage your child not to tug or push the space maintainer and don’t put figures on it or bend it. Keep clean your baby space maintainer with effective brushing and flossing. Scheduled a regular visit to your children's Dentistry.

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