Oral Surgery Copperfield & Sugar Land TX

Our Doctors examine your medical history and the details of your oral condition, also the associated treatment options. You can expect a visual report that may include such as imaging X-ray. During the Consultation, your course of treatment will be determined, Oral Surgery can take place may be the same day or it will need to be schedule our, depends on your surgeon.

what is Oral Surgery?

It incorporates procedures like extracting a tooth, gum surgery, and getting implants. Oral surgery as well includes getting rid of diseased tissue from the mouth, repairing a cleft lip, or correcting jaw problems, or palate, The Procedure involves:

Oral Pathology: Our Oral Surgeons is highly professional and specialized in treating and diagnosing diseases of the maxillofacial and oral areas. People can expect to received the best treatment from our experienced oral surgeons and be treated with reliable understanding.

Dental Extractions: After all the alternatives have been considered, tooth extraction is performed. Situations that may lead to remove teeth includes, emergency tooth removal in case of infection, sever damage from trauma, infected wisdom teeth, overcrowded teeth or orthodontic treatment. The careful removal of tooth includes a bone-preserving graft.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions: The wisdom teeth are located in very back area of the mouth and are the last teeth to break through the gums. During the teen years, and by mid-20s, they will either impacted or fully erupt. They can damage adjacent teeth and cause pain and inflammation in the jaw and mouth area, when impacted and you left to grow. Our Mydental Surgeons remove the teeth gently and skillful, and provide medications to ensure a timely and complete recovery.

Dental Implants: Our Dentists choose the small, screw-shape, variety, design and dimension of dental implant that replaces the root of a missing tooth. It is covered by porcelain crown and looks just like your old tooth. The post is inserted into the jawbone area where the missing tooth is left and restores your aesthetically pleasing smile. The implant dentistry is a minor surgical procedure with good success rate.

Sinus Lifts: Sinuses are too close to the jaw; Sinus lift surgery adds bone to your upper jaw area, where molars and premolars are located between your jaws. Sinus membrane is lifted to make space for the bone. Our doctors are highly skilled for this procedure, resulting in a complete and beautiful smile.

Impacted Canines: canine teeth are located under the eyes at upper front area, and visible portions are typically longer than those of the other front area of teeth. Impacted canines can be cleared with minor oral surgery, which brackets are attached to guide and canines back into place.

Bone Grafts: Bone graft is a minimally invasive procedure is placed to stimulate the re-growth of lost bone tissue in preparation for further restorative treatment. The treatment requires a few weeks of healing before the next treatment can be initiated.

Dental Incision and Drainage: Dental incision is normally procedure includes making a small incision gums at the point of swelling area, then drained and cleaned with sterile solution. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotic to help in healing process.

Tori Removal: A tori normally develops because of localized irritation, malocclusion or grinding of the teeth, can affect your oral hygiene and comfort. Oral Surgery is required to replace the tori and reshape the tooth area where it previously existed.

For oral surgery treatment, schedule a consultation at doctor office and our other procedures includes:

  • Simple/surgical Extractions
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  • Bone Graft
  • Endo Surgery