Best Dental Implants Houston, TX

Many People want to maintain our natural smiles for life time. Implants Dentistry can rejuvenate both your smile and oral health. Implants are specifically made posts that substitute the roots of teeth that are lost and are used to maintain a new crown, fixed bridge or denture. An implant is prepared of titanium, a tough and lightweight material which has been exposed to be compatible with the body and secure for use. A dental implant is artificial tooth roots are made from titanium, a tough and lightweight material placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth lost due to an accident, injury, aging or periodontal disease.

Our Dentist chooses the variety, dimension, and design of dental implant. This selection is made according to where the implant will be placed, what type of bone and how much bone is vacant, and the design of the tooth or teeth that will be supported by the implants. Our dentist will decide which type is best suitable to your requirements.

Dental Implant Procedure

A Surgical procedure performed either an oral or periodontist and maxillofacial surgeon who place the implant surgically. Using sedative and local anesthetic precision channels are created in the jawbone using surgical guide. The surgical implants are fitted into the sites of jawbone, so that they are in contact with the bone.

It required three to six month melding the bone before having tooth restorations attached to completing the process.

Persons who have dental implants have the following advantages:

  • Normal capacity and function of the mouth
  • Able to keep remaining teeth healthy
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Can maintain good oral hygiene the same as with natural teeth

Is there an age bound to implants?

You can be too young for implants but age itself is not a barrier. Condition of your health is a significant criteria and our dentist will examine your fitness for surgery. The most essential criteria are possible whether there is adequate quality and quantity of bones to sustain the dental implants. Our team will review each case and advise if you are suitable candidate for implant dentistry.

Dental implants have many advantages over other teeth replacement. There is following four options which can be long lasting and more comfortable than conventional dentures:

Single Tooth Implant
Implant Supported Bridge
Implant Retained Dentures
All on 4 Dentures