Nitrous Oxide (Inhaled Minimal Sedation) Copperfield & Sugar Land TX

Inhaled minimal or nitrous oxide is the lightest dental sedation, but it provides appropriate level of anesthesia for most people and for majority of dental procedure. The Breathing involves a mixture of nitrous oxide gas or 'laughing gas' in combination with oxygen which can help patients to become more co-operative and relaxed during treatment without suffering pain.

Nitrous oxide sedation defined as a medical drug induced controlled state of minimally depressed consciousness. This helps patient ability to take breath without any external support, maintain their protective reflexes and respond normally to physical stimulation.

Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

For Some patients group where use of nitrous oxide is contraindicated mostly can take the advantage of N2O inhalation, the following are:

  • Patients with dental fear or phobias
  • Kinds who are no-cooperative or afraid
  • Special needs patients with cognitive and functional deficits
  • Patients seeking for enhancement to local anesthesia for certain dental procedure
  • Someone who needs to feel more comfortable and relaxed during oral Surgery.