Night Guard Sugar Land TX

If you are chronic endless headaches and migraines by impulsive night-time teeth clenching, let My Dental dentist help you with a night guard. A night guard is a thin clear device that is worn over the biting surface of your teeth while you relax or sleep to prevent contact between the lower and upper teeth.

Night Guard helps protect a blow to the face, reduce the risk of broken teeth and injuries to your lips, tongue, jaw or face.

Night guards can be expensive to obtain, but for some people, they are necessary to good oral health. Dental insurance rarely takes care of the cost of custom night guards, which you will need to, pay out of pocket to protect your teeth.

Fitting Process

  • An impression is taken of your lower and upper teeth to conform an exact fit
  • Using suspicion as a mold, when the night guard is crafted out of strong, durable plastic
  • When the guard is finished, it is properly fitted to your mouth.
  • Simply wear the guard while you sleep every night


  • Prevents headache Pain
  • Can help prevent jaw disorders by calming pressure
  • Prevents tension type headache
  • prevents teeth grinding and the improvement of TMD (temporomandibular disorder)

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