Bone Graft Copperfield & Sugar Land TX

Bone graft surgery is performed to rebuild and grow the jawbone, which is poor in quality and quantity for dental implants. Over a period of time, if a tooth is missing then its jawbone will atrophy or reabsorbed. In such conditions jawbone is not suitable for dental implants. Bone graft surgery has the ability to replace and grow jawbone by harvesting bone from chin, jaw, hip, lower leg bone, or skull.

Minor Bone Grafting

During minor bone grafting surgery, bone is either taken from a tissue bank or your own bone, harvested from the jaw, hip, skull or tibia. Bone is removed from an alternate location of the jaw and moved it to needed area. Harvested bone contains living cellular elements, taken from your own body that enhances bone to grow. Bone grafting can repair dental implants areas with poor quality and quantity jawbone structure due to previous extractions, injuries or gum disease.

Major Bone Grafting

Major bone grafting is performed to repair jaw defects. These defects may arise due to tumor surgery, traumatic injuries or congenital defects. Large defects are repaired using your own bone. This bone is obtained from a number of different body location area depending on the size needed. The most common donor site is Hip (iliac crest), skull (cranium) and lateral knee (tibia).

Another substitute for real bone, Synthetic materials are also available as safe and proven alternatives for bone grafting surgery. For more detail information about Bone Grafting, Request an appointment or Call us at 281-494-7645 Sugar Land, 281-463-3003 Copperfield.