Baby Tooth Extraction Sugar Land & Copperfield TX

Baby teeth, also called milk teeth, play an important role in the development of permanent tooth placement. If baby primary teeth are becoming loose, don’t pull it by yourself that may hurt your baby and the risk of damage the sensitive tissues or possibility of infection. At the age of 6 or7 years, baby permanent teeth are erupting, that makes baby tooth to lose and pushing it up to take its place. In such conditions, Baby tooth extraction is commonly performed to help the newly coming permanent tooth erupt properly.

Baby Tooth Extraction Procedure

Prior to baby tooth extraction procedure, our skilled dentist will take x-ray of the tooth and provide proper anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area to prevent baby from feeling pain during the extraction. Our skilled and experienced dentist uses an instrument called an elevator to lose the tooth and uses forceps to remove the tooth. Our dentist will place a sterile gauze pad over the extraction area to control bleeding from it.

After the simple extraction procedure, use ice packs to the treated area over the cheeks. Don’t eat hard and sharp edge food like potato chips or candies, eat only soft food for a few days. The dentist will prescribe proper pain medication for your baby tooth extraction.

Baby tooth extraction is also performed in several situations, which includes:

  • Trauma to a Baby tooth
  • Baby tooth infection and decay
  • The tooth loosens due to accident

If Baby tooth extraction is needed in some other situation such as tooth decay, infection, trauma or tooth loosens due to accident. In such cases, after the primary tooth extraction, a space maintainer may be placed by our dentist to hold space for the permanent tooth to erupt properly.

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