Stainless Steel Crowns Sugar Land TX

Stainless steel crowns are metal caps used as to repair and preventing a decayed baby back tooth. They are made with exact size and shape, to fit a kid’s molar, and are used to cap teeth with deep or large cavities.

Stainless steel crowns are substitute to silver tooth-colored fillings. These strong metal caps cover the whole tooth area and are hard to damage or lose. With having a smooth, polished surface which makes them easy to clean and maintain, and most last four years or more.

Benefits of Stainless steel crowns:

  • Keep a space in your kid's mouth for a permanent tooth
  • Fall out naturally, when baby tooth will fall out
  • Contains only safe metal
  • Equivalent to a regular filling (are simple to apply)

After Crown has been placed?

  • After the procedure your kid's will need to be careful not to bite their lips and cheeks.
  • Your kid's may find the biting feels different, but the feeling will return in a few days normally.
  • Your kid gums may occur blue, this is due to the metallic color under the gum tissue.
  • Avoid consuming sticky foods to your child, which may move the crown out of place.

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