Orthodontic Braces Sugar Land and Copperfield

Orthodontic and Braces treatment procedure are used to correct malocclusion or “bad bites” (teeth that are crooked or crowded). Some person teeth may be straight, but their lower and upper jaws may not meet properly. While most people choose braces for cosmetic reasons traditional braces are great for both teens and adults, and can easily fix complex cases. These tooth or jaw alignment problems may be left or could result from injury early tooth losses.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialize Procedure in the field of dentistry that requires training and certification. Orthodontic treatment involves correcting malocclusion, which is not straight or misalignment of a bite (incorrect spacing between teeth). This is traditionally accomplished with the use of Orthodontic braces such as invisalign. Orthodontics can vary on the treatment plan, the materials used and even location. You may also want to ask our Dentists for clear aligners.

Straight teeth given you natural smile, they also help to remove your risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Orthodontics treatment procedure involves the following steps:

  • Extraction
  • Fitting Spacers
  • Impressions
  • The Banding Process
  • Putting the Wires
  • Readjustments

Extraction - These step become necessary after orthodontic studies your X-ray. Patient will determine which place of tooth need to be removed to make space for other. The dentist may find extra teeth growing in your mouth, and then extract the tooth to ensure and start the process of getting you perfect smile; doctor will typically remove one or two teeth.

Fitting Spacers - At the time molars may affect the bites, when it set too closely together. Patient needs further dental care to keep their teeth aligned. Spacer creates spaces between molars and may be placed in the mouth for days or weeks.

Impressions - Process covers the place after extra teeth have been extracted and molars spacing are completed. This is final step before braces are shaped inside your mouth, which takes 30 minutes or less. The impression of your teeth is important aspects of the procedure, because the approximate length of wire and number and types of parts required.

The Banding Process - The bonding procedure is relatively simple. Metallic bands are wrapped around the spaced molars and intended to act an anchor for the other device to be installed in the mouth. It takes some years to be placed on all the teeth.

Putting the Wires - Using rubber bands the wires are attached to the brackets. This ties can be multicolored or clear, depends on the preferences of the wearer.

Readjustments - Sometime later, the rubber band which holds the wire in place will lose their elasticity. Thus, they have to be readjusted the loosing wire tightly in place. Which needs a regular visit to the doctor’s office.