Colored Braces Copperfield & Sugar Land TX

Do you get embarrassed that your mouth going to have braces in next couple of years. Now people have little fun to choose several colors of braces, but it can be a long-lasting decision. So which color you choose and how does the color get added?

Braces have many parts including brackets, metal bands, archway and bands or elastics made of rubber that go around the brackets. For keeping your braces low profile, you may choose ceramic brackets or you want to keep you dental treatments as invisible as possible you have option for invisaligh.

Dr. Ashrafi and his team worked with many patients and have some great ideas for picking colors. If patient still having trouble deciding, no worry, they can always switch to other colors after meeting with doctor. You can choose variations of color for your top teeth or bottom teeth, during the appointment, ask for color wheel or check with our staff which is best suitable for you. Diamond braces patient offers, red, blue, green, white, turquoise, orange, purple, pink as well as many other colors.

What color you should choose for your braces?

  • Your favorite colors
  • Flag colors (i.e. red, white, and blue)
  • School colors
  • Your favorite sports team Color
  • The color of your eyes or hair
  • Color of your matching clothes, accessories, or shoes