Simple Surgical Extraction Copperfield & Sugar Land TX

Surgical tooth extractions are the most common surgical procedure, is required when the problem tooth cannot be easily removed. Even if the tooth is visible in your mouth without surgical exposed, it is may be necessary to remove the teeth. Routine procedure can be performed by your general practitioner; the procedure takes place in Dr. Ashrafi Office.

If the procedure required restoring the removal tooth it would involves significant expense, or sometime based on cost. Wisdom tooth removal is frequently suggested, and ideally recommended in the late teens to early twenties, if apparently teeth will not fit in the jaws, normal bite relationship with gum tissue shapes. Surgical extraction procedure performs the following steps:

  1. Before extraction tooth, the dentist must consider the specific condition of the patient. Patient risk factor should be considered while discussing surgical extraction. In some cases, an oral surgeon reference can be an option. X-rays provides accurate mapping of the mouth area to help the best procedure of tooth removal. Full dental and medical history with any medications the patient talking should be disclosed prior to execute the procedure.
  2. Patient should be prepared for surgical extraction; a local anesthetic is first applied to numb the tooth and mouth area. Typically it takes 5 to 10 minutes the surrounding area will be completely numb. The extraction will begin after numbness has been confirmed. This required opening the gum tissue with small incision to expose bone or root. Once the tooth is removed, it may be required to close the extraction site.
  3. Recovery only takes a few days from surgical tooth extraction. in some cases, our dentist may prescribe some medication or some helpful tips like:
    • Apply fresh gauze pads to prevent saturation
    • Uses ice packs to reduce any swelling
    • Avoid strenuous physical activity
    • Try to eat food that is soft and easy to consume
    • Avoid contacting the extraction site with your tongue
  4. Follow-up your consultation between 4 to 6 days after surgical extraction. In some cases, patient is examined to ensure proper healing, evaluate bone density or structure will be removed if necessary.