Implant Supported Bridge Sugar Land and Copperfield

Implant supported bridge is supported by implants and un-natural teeth which is similar to a regular dental bridge. This consists multiple dental implants and fixed dental bridges, one dental implant is placed in the jawbone for missing tooth.

The difference between this traditional all on 4 dentures and implant supported bridge option has a future if you have lose implant dentistry. These options give you best result you could ever possible have.

You can email our Dentist Dr. Mujib Ashrafi directly with any questions and our team will be happy to help you.

Benefits over Implant Supported Bridges

Suitable Alternative to Partial Dentures – Implant Supported Bridges are the much more comfortable to replace multiple missing teeth. Instead of clipping into surrounding teeth like a partial dental procedure, here your new teeth (the bridge) are placed and fixed on dental implants.

Complete Smile – New Teeth looks and feel natural they complete your smile, they will look just like your natural teeth. Dramatically aesthetics improving, share yourself with others natural teeth.

Chew you food with Ease - Implant supported bridges provided solution, If your new teeth cause difficulty when eating. The new tooth roots provided by dental implants are very strong and stable.

Lifetime Results - Dental implants are the lasting solution to missing teeth because they combine with jawbone with proper care. Implants distribute force over your remaining tooth, where as traditional bridges require damaging adjacent teeth. Alternatively denture and traditional bridges are not nearly as stable which need to be replaced after less than 5 years.